Stormy Service

$60.00 GST Inc.

Select the type of service you would like below, and continue to the purchase area. Please print out your invoice receipt and send a copy to us with your life jacket or vest.

The price includes the shipping of your serviced life jacket or vest, please do not use a PO Box address.

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Product Description

All inflatable life jackets involve pressurised CO2 technology that must be serviced regularly to ensure it is operating effectively. The purpose of a life jacket is to save lives, therefore, it must be checked to ensure it operates as effectively as when first purchased. Professionally servicing a jacket also allows a thorough clean of the jacket or vest to be undertaken while the inflation system is not in the product.

There are some annual self-checks that can be undertaken by the owner, however, in many recreational circumstances (and most professional circumstances) any inflatable life jacket must be checked and approved by a certified servicing agent. A safety certificate is issued with every serviced Stormy Lifejacket to document the product is in perfect working condition and complies with international safety standards.

The laws and regulations for the professional servicing of inflatable life jackets are different in different countries and states, please check with your local maritime authority to ensure you meet the minimum requirements.