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Stormy Life Jackets

Stormy Lifejackets Pty Ltd have been saving lives since 1993. Our mission is to develop life jackets, life vests and Personal Flotation Devices (PFDs) that are worn not stowed.

We have developed market leading safety products that are unrestrictive, practical and easy to wear.

Our inflatable clothing will keep you warm out of the water, but most importantly will float you in an overboard emergency.

At Stormy Lifejackets we focus on your safety so you don’t have to, you just need to wear it.

20 years of award winning research, innovation and refinement of performance inflatable clothing has led to full ISO accreditation for our life jackets, PFDs and deck harnesses.

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Survivor Testimonials

Following the capsizing of his boat in rough sea's, Phil Duggan praises the way his Stormy Seas life jacket worked and wears it every time he goes out in his boat regardless of the depth of water or distance from shore. He recommends whole-heartedly that Stormy Lifejackets are a safety measure everyone at sea should wear.

– Phil Duggan from St Helens

"the anchor rope became fouled in the propeller. The back of the boat was dragged downwards and with water swamping up over the transom, the boat flipped over and tipped both men out. Wilfred's friend, the pastor, was a non-swimmer, so it was very fortunate that the lifejacket was an automatic version which inflated as soon as he hit the water and supported him till help came."

– Wilfred Mueller aged 75, from Victoria, Australia

"Fishing for Abalone on Tasmania's rough waters is dangerous, even on the calm days. I’m working hard so need something that allows me to move freely around the boat. I won't head out to sea without the safety of knowing my Stormy Lifejacket is on my back."

– Alex Zawadski, Cremorne Australia

"I manage masters and crew of a modern day pilot vessel who have the protection of Stormy life-saving equipment. I have worn your Stormy life jackets for so long now and I can actually say I have always felt safe in them when the going gets tough."

– Alex Francis, Port Officer, Newcastle Port Corporation