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Daniel Smith, as part a Year 12 major project, has developed a surf lifesaving UAV designed to fly out to a person in need, assess the situation and deploy the flotation device if needed. This flotation device provides rescuers with enough time to reach the patient. The aim of this device is to provide a faster… Continue Reading



Our Stormy LifeSaver has just been adapted by Victorian paramedic Robin Lowe to fit a drone. http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/victoria/drone-lifesaver-drops-flotation-device-to-swimmers-in-peril/news-story/805634db86160266b7ae6f77a98bbdc0 Victorian paramedic Robin Lowe has developed a prototype drone he says could revolutionise surf and rescue operations Australia-wide. Picture: Jake Nowakowski   Continue Reading

Stormy Lifejackets at the London Boat Show

Stormy Lifejackets at the London Boat Show

Stormy Lifejackets are again on show at the annual London International Boat Show. The Stormy Jacket, Stormy Jacket with Harness, Stormy Vest and Stormy Vest with Harness are all on display at the Adec Marine stall. With snow falling on the water I don’t think anyone will be volunteering for in-water demonstrations – but it… Continue Reading

Tried and tested in the UK

Tried and tested in the UK

We have just received a copy of the latest edition of Yachting Monthly printed out of the UK, featuring a glowing review of our inflatable vest. You can view a scan of the article below.     Continue Reading

Set sail with Stormy PFDs

While your most passionate sailors will tell you that the sailing season is 365 days long; the competitive calendar has just begun in Australia as men, women and children all board their (or their friends) yachts and enjoy the excitement of racing out on the water. While the responsibility of safety on the boat lies… Continue Reading

Fremantle Sea Rescue partnership with Stormy Lifejackets

Volunteer coastguards and sea rescue organisations are some of the bravest and hardest working men and women in the country. When the ocean gets rough and an SOS call is received, these brave souls spring to action and venture out to sea to provide much valued assistance to those in need. It is a great… Continue Reading

The NEW Fishermen’s friend

Stormy Lifejackets have a long and proud history of developing the best life jackets for any activity on the water. The company began in 1993 by making inflatable wet weather coats for fishermen at a time where there were too many unnecessary drowning’s as a result of traditional foam PFDs being too bulky to be… Continue Reading

Stormy launches the Stormy LifeSaver, an inflatable life ring

  Here at Stormy Lifejackets; we are proud to have just released a new inflatable life ring named the Stormy LifeSaver. The product is a natural progression for Stormy who were pioneers in this product field in 2007 when they developed and launched the Stormy Rescue Grenade. This single use Stormy Rescue Grenade is now… Continue Reading

Stormy Sales Manager Surfs the Morning Away

No such thing as Mondayitis at Stormy Lifejackets. Iain, our favourite Wombat, rides his biggest wave so far… “It was definitely the biggest wave I’ve ever ridden. I was engulfed by a wall of water that spat me out. Stoked and pumped.”  Iain is now safely behind his desk. Continue Reading